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Monique Pereira

We are so blessed to Have Ms. Pereira at SCS. She has shown amazing versatility and commitment to our mission during her first year at Shepherd Christian, and we are excited about her expanded role in 2023-24 not only serving on the teaching staff but also as part of the Administrative Team working as Executive Assistant/Office Manager.

A bit more about Monique...

Monique Pereira received her Bachelor’s degree from George Mason University in Business Management and finished her Masters from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2021.

Monique began working in the education field in 2012 as a teacher in South Korea. The Lord then led her to several places where she had the privilege of teaching all different age groups from preschool to college age students. She has also helped startup schools and companies with her administrative background. Monique enjoys supporting in any way needed, but her true passion is to disciple others and to lead them to know more of God.

Monique is also actively involved in her local church and when she’s not working, she will most likely be serving in some way. She is looking forward for another year at Shepherd Christian School as we continue to build a place where students can grow academically and also grow in the Lord.

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