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The purpose of education involves more than passing on information. At Shepherd Christian School, it includes cultivating virtue and wisdom.


The starting point of educating our students is their faith in Jesus Christ. We supplement their faith by instilling moral character and virtue, then knowledge. We seek to offer a Christ-centered education that fosters a joy of learning.

As Christ is the Creator of all and central to everything, there is no spiritual or secular divide. His fingerprints, so to speak, are in every subject.

Our program seeks to address the whole student, mind body and spirit. We encourage our students to develop their gifts and talents and not be afraid when confronted with their own weaknesses as God uses both!  


Our curriculum relies on proven techniques and approaches to foster learning and includes a classical influence.  We also encourage students to engage with their culture and understand the current times in which they live. 


We seek dynamic teachers who live out their faith before their students. They know how to shepherd, mentor and discipline lovingly with full restoration always in mind.


SCS Graduates

Our Vision Statement encapsulates our desire for future graduates of SCS:

As lifelong learners motivated by Christ’s love and filled with the Holy Spirit, Shepherd Christian School’s students will confidently fulfill their God-given destiny and impact the world around them.


We desire students who graduate from SCS to be equipped with:

  • an understanding of God’s love for them personally and for the world, a lifelong desire to pursue knowledge and to continue to be curious about all that God has created

  • virtue, moral character, and a knowledge of His Word hidden in their hearts

  • a Christian worldview to engage with their culture through the love of God, being in the world yet not of it.

  • confidence; unafraid to pursue God’s purpose for their life. 




Student to Teacher Ratio

While the student number per class will be capped at 15, we expect the student to teacher ratio to be less than 10:1 in our first two years.


With smaller class sizes, our teachers can meet kids where they are at by providing differentiated instruction so that each student can maximize his or her potential.


Curriculum Elements

Within this Christ-centered education, SCS offers book-based learning, choosing curriculum from various sources. Technology in the classroom will be used as a resource, not a focus. Our core program will offer Bible with weekly chapel, Math, English, Science, and History. Students will also enjoy Art, Music/Theater and P.E. Our approach emphasizes:

  • a solid phonics foundation leading to excellent writing skills

  • back-to-the-basics math

  • a thorough understanding of the history of the world, including the U.S., Virginia and a timeline of events

  • incorporating the outdoors in the learning process through science and exploration

  • logic and reason to encourage students to wrestle with ideas and think for themselves



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